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Megan Hobson

Megan Hobson, a dedicated member of the Tahlequah Family Vision team, brings a personal touch to optometric care, deeply rooted in her community-centric upbringing in the River Valley, close to Van Buren, Arkansas. Her seven-year journey in the field has been fueled by witnessing transformative moments of individuals achieving 20/20 vision, a testament to her commitment to patient care.

Beyond her professional persona, Megan is a vibrant individual with a love for her local culture and the outdoors. Notably, she is a fan of the University of Arkansas' sports teams, often enthusiastically participating in the "Calling the Hogs," a popular chant among Razorback fans. Her weekends are a blend of relaxation and adventure, whether she's enjoying the tranquility by the lake or indulging in her favorite beverage at the nearest Starbucks drive-through.

Megan represents a balance many seek, proving one can be both a devoted professional and an individual passionate about life’s simpler joys. Her story is a reminder that at the core of healthcare professionals are individuals who celebrate community, tradition, and the personal milestones of the patients they serve.

Megan Hobson
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