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Lori Clinton

Office Manager

Lori Clinton has been a cornerstone of the Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic for an impressive 26 years, dedicating nearly half her life to her role. Her journey with the clinic wasn't just a career choice but a serendipitous turn of events, coming to her at a time when she needed it most. This unforeseen opportunity turned out to be a blessing, allowing her to find joy and fulfillment in her daily interactions with patients and colleagues alike. Among these, Dr. Molly stands out as not just a wonderful professional but also a cherished friend, enhancing Lori's work environment.

Lori's personal life took a turn for the better approximately five years ago when she met Donald. Together, they've blended their family to include five children and an astounding eleven grandchildren, creating a large and loving household. Their home is a bustling sanctuary, extended further by their seven dogs and a flock of about 40 chickens. This lively household keeps Lori and Donald busy, providing a source of relentless joy, activity, and fulfillment. Despite the demands of managing such a large family and menagerie, Lori wouldn't have it any other way. She embraces both her professional and personal life with gratitude and devotion, illustrating her commitment to her work, family, and the broader community.


Lori Clinton
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