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Cindy Cartmill

Cindy, a valued team member at Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic, boasts a multifaceted role backed by 3 years of dedicated service. Her responsibilities are a testament to her versatility, spanning from reception duties to technical support in the eyewear lab. As the first point of contact at the clinic, she enhances the customer experience with her friendly demeanor and efficient handling of administrative tasks.

Moreover, Cindy plays a pivotal role in the in-house lab, assisting with the intricate process of crafting glasses, ensuring precision and timely delivery for patients' eyewear. Her expertise extends to managing office credentialing, a critical component that maintains the clinic's compliance with health standards and professional regulations.

Outside her professional sphere, Cindy is passionate about exploring new places, reflecting her adventurous spirit. Her love for travel suggests a curiosity and eagerness to embrace diverse cultures and experiences. Most prominently, Cindy is a devoted grandmother, finding joy in the playful chaos of keeping up with her four grandkids. Their energy and unconditional love undoubtedly serve as a source of relaxation and happiness, balancing her professional commitments.

Cindy Cartmill
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