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Spotlight on Success: Jadyn Buttery's Journey from the Court to the Classroom

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

Jadyn Buttery

Meet Jadyn Buttery: A Rising Star in Local Sports

At Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic, we're not just about eye care; we're also about community care. Today, we shine a spotlight on a local athlete making waves in sports: Jadyn Buttery.

Inspiration and Support from Teammates

Jadyn credits her teammates, particularly Kori Rainwater and Snowda Watie, for their unwavering support. This camaraderie is a testament to the power of community and teamwork, values we cherish at our clinic.

Off-Season Preparations

After a nine-month hiatus from playing, Jadyn has been diligently working to get back in shape. Her commitment to self-improvement is something we all can admire.

Cherished Memories and Influential Coaches

A standout memory for Jadyn is the team camp at Pitt State, filled with fun and games. She also expresses deep gratitude towards her coach, Larry Owens, who instilled confidence in her abilities—a key life lesson.

Aspirations for the Season

Jadyn has her sights set on winning a State Title, reflecting her competitive spirit and dedication. Her drive mirrors our commitment to excellence in eye care.

Life Lessons from Sports

Sports have taught Jadyn the value of competition, a principle she applies in her daily life. This lesson resonates with our clinic's ethos of striving for the best in what we do.

Looking Ahead

Jadyn eagerly anticipates the challenges at the Tournament of Champions, showcasing her readiness to face any hurdle, much like we tackle challenges in eye health.

Influential Educators

Acknowledging the impact of her favorite teacher, Coach Bardell, Jadyn shares a humorous yet insightful lesson: "If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t tryin." This reflects the importance of striving for success, a value we uphold in our services.

Future Endeavors

Post-high school, Jadyn plans to attend Northeastern State University and continue her sports career. We're excited to see her growth and will be cheering her on every step of the way.

At Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic, we believe in celebrating the achievements and aspirations of our community members. Jadyn's story is just one of many that inspire us daily. Stay tuned for more community highlights!

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