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Revitalize Your Skin with Epionce: Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic's Latest Skincare Revolution!

Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic is proud to introduce Epionce, a distinguished line of skincare products, to our range. Founded by Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, Epionce is the fruit of extensive research into skin function, therapeutic botanical ingredients, and innovative delivery systems. This unique approach sets Epionce apart from typical private label products, emphasizing exclusive technologies and ingredients​​.

The journey of Epionce began with a partnership between Dr. Thornfeldt and a top formulation chemist, leading to the development of Epionce's initial offerings and the establishment of Episciences, Inc.​​. Epionce stands out for its commitment to clinically-backed products. Notably, their Renewal Facial Cream and Lytic Tx were the first non-prescription products to rival top retinoids in clinical studies, offering similar anti-aging results without the associated irritation​​.

The Lytic Gel Cleanser, a standout product, was introduced as a gentle yet effective alternative to harsher cleansers that strip essential skin oils​​. The brand's expansion led to the establishment of their first official headquarters in Boise, Idaho​​. Epionce's product line continued to evolve with the introduction of the Intensive Nourishing Cream, designed to address more severe photodamage and visible aging on the neck and décolleté​​.

As Epionce's popularity soared, they expanded their manufacturing capabilities with a new, larger facility, ensuring adherence to FDA and GMP standards​​. The brand's global presence grew with entry into the European and Japanese markets​​​​, and the launch of an Epionce Signature Spa in Hong Kong​​. The MelanoLyte products, developed to address dark spots, underwent rigorous clinical testing, providing visible benefits without the redness and sensitivity common with traditional treatments​​.

In 2011-2012, Epionce underwent a brand re-launch, symbolizing its elegant and premium nature​​. The Intense Defense Serum, a comprehensive multivitamin serum for the skin, was another innovative addition, delivering faster and more complete benefits compared to leading serums​​.

Epionce has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Topical Skincare at THE Aesthetic Industry Awards in 2015​​, and accolades for the Lytic Gel Cleanser and the Purifying Spot Gel​​​​. Their workplace culture was also celebrated, being named one of the “Best Places to Work” in Idaho in 2019​​.

The brand's commitment to addressing dry skin issues led to the Intensive Nourishing Cream and Intense Defense Serum receiving prestigious awards​​​​. The Luminous Eye Serum, launched in 2021, was recognized as a “Next-Level Treatment” by Shape Magazine in 2022​​, and the Renewal Facial Lotion was named “Best Daytime Moisturizer” by InStyle Magazine in 2023​​.

At Tahlequah Family Vision Clinic, we are excited to offer our customers the innovative, award-winning, and clinically-proven skincare solutions from Epionce. Whether you're seeking to enhance your skincare routine or address specific skin concerns, Epionce's range of products offers a solution for everyone.

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